As well as being great to look at, murals are perfect for creating a significant statement that your friends and clients will remember and remark on. AEA Art & Design has assisted clients in choosing themes that will express their visions.

Compliment the theme of your business, enhance the style of your home or stand out from the crowd with an abstract original piece of art. Wine bars, home theaters, restaurants, swimming pools, play rooms, entrance ceilings, bowling alleys, are just some of the many residential and commercial locations you can find our work.
Children’s Rooms:

  • If you are thinking about creating a theme room for your children, or have a baby on the way, I suggest early planning. I can help match your mural to your accessories to create the perfect child’s room.
  • If you have a ‘special needs’ child and can’t afford a fun child’s room, please contact me, it may be possible to arrange a low-cost mural*.

Years ago you would only find wall murals in fashionable homes and on movie sets, but today this type of artwork has gained amazing popularity. Even hospitals have joined the ranks to recognize the therapeutic value of art for patients. Just imagine the impact on your own life to see your own joy reflected on your wall or your children’s room turned in to a stimulating place to learn, play and sleep soundly.

If you have been thinking about this for a while, now is the time to make it happen!

Mural Ideas:

Nostalgia Mural, Underwater room, Cars & Trucks, Noah’s Ark, Farm, Dinosaur, Dragons and Knights in Fantasy Kingdom, Outer Space, Beach, Pirate, Cowboy, Horse and Stable, Hawaiian Volcano, Bugs, Flower Power 60’s Retro, Musical Instruments, Super Hero, Mermaids, Construction, Airplane, Race Cars murals, Motorcycle Mural, Sports murals, Teddy Bear murals, Jungle murals, Knight & Castle mural, Fairies mural, Snow Skiing Murals, Surfing murals, Hot Air Balloon mural, City Skyline murals, Princess & Castle mural, ABC’s mural, Clouds and mountains mural, Train murals, Cat & Dog murals, Fire truck & Dalmatians murals, Favourite Cartoon Character murals, Eiffel Tower mural, Tropical murals, Rain Forest murals, Football murals, Basketball mural, Baseball murals, Hockey murals, Water Skiing murals, Sailing murals, Sailboat murals, Nautical murals, Koi Pond Murals, Winter Olympic Murals, Dragons and fantasy, Thailand or cultural travel, Asia.

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