About AEA Art & Design Co.

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AEA Art & Design Co.’s Artistic Team use their hands on painting experience as well as graphic design background and natural talents as the passion behind their artistic creations. They have developed many tricks and tools of the trade – from using the best products to practicing effective techniques to employing time management.

“Having a lifetime of experience as an artist and designer, my strength is in transforming even the vaguest ideas and descriptions into beautiful and meaningful visuals our clients admire and genuinely appreciate.”
Allison Eden Andrews

Allison Eden Andrews, of Vancouver BC is a professionally trained finisher who has been working with the best designers and builders to design specially finished surfaces for over 20 years. Her natural artistic talent, experience and experimentation have melded with her passion for art and extensive world travels, resulting in the ability to create truly inspired and exclusive custom artwork. Allison strives to stay on the cutting edge of new products and techniques. From her local studio, she has developed many of her own custom finishes. and applied them in beautiful ways. Due to their skills and distinctive style of decorative painting the AEA Art & Design Team is considered the best in their industry is highly sought after and respected by their diverse clientele.

“We work to provide custom, individually designed faux finishing and fine artwork to customers who value originality but don’t have the time or unique artistic skills to create such pieces on their own. By working with our customers in the design phase, we give them the satisfaction of expressing their unique visions. The result is a personalized, distinctive environment which will be admired, appreciated AND richly remembered.” Allison Eden Andrews

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